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In Residence: Stephan Weishaupt

In Residence: Stephan Weishaupt


Stephan Weishaupt at home

The German-born furniture aficionado talks about his house as a collection of memories

Founder of Toronto-based contemporary furniture showroom Avenue Road, Stephen Weishaupt’s curving 1932 Art Deco home in Miami—which he purchased and refurbished in 2013—is a treasure trove of impeccable modernist pieces. 

In this film for the Nowness In Residence series, Weishaupt guides us through the interventions he made to the building’s internal structure. One of the original features are rounded portal windows spreading soft and even light across the exquisite objects gathered during a lifetime of collecting. Weishaupt has gained considerable expertise on the big-hitters of Midcentury design,  as well as its its atypical pieces and personalities.


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